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For Bellchem ​​Internacional SAS it is essential to maintain lasting and cordial relationships with all interested parties, these being the foundations of the organization and the factor that allows us to endure. For this reason we have defined the following service policies which are aligned with our GIS policy:

  • Satisfy the needs of interested parties, providing a timely, reliable and value-added service.
  • Ensuring the quality of services through the evaluation and monitoring of our suppliers
  • Seek the improvement and innovation of our products, through data analysis and monitoring of the service provided.
  • Provide the client with technological tools aimed at providing an effective service, promoting the necessary means to keep them informed about our products and services.
  • Promote a welcoming work environment, updating and maintaining our facilities in good condition.
  • Manage the necessary resources for the personal and professional development of our collaborators.
  • Recognize and encourage the performance of our collaborators, reflecting this in the provision of the service.