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In order to maintain a high level of service to our clients, BELLCHEM INTERNACIONAL SAS has established in this document the general policies for the realization and attention of Suggestions, Complaints and Claims in the company.

BELLCHEM does not know the procedures, formulations, or the final applications that it will give to the purchased inputs, therefore, the final application and mixtures are the responsibility of the client.

If for the purchase of your raw materials you require approved factories or have specific requirements, these must be included in the purchase order or informed in writing to comply with the request.

The Good Manufacturing Practices establish that each final producer must carry out a quality analysis of all raw materials for approval, before they are entered into a final or partial production for the elaboration of a finished product.

Just like good storage practices, it must be protected in cool, ventilated places, where it is not affected by direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, away from strong odors and/or other inputs that may affect and contaminate the products.

The maximum time to accept a return is 8 calendar days, when the time is longer, external analyzes must be carried out to guarantee the safety and quality of the input. Any claim must be made in writing via email through the email of your commercial or send it to the email ventas@bellchem.com.co. If there are news, the evidence must be sent (photographic, reports from the quality areas and/or laboratory results).

Our CUSTOMERS must notify the news, at the time of the delivery of the raw material and be registered in the guide or transport consignment, as well as in the invoice with which the delivery is made, as the case may be; specifying its non-conformity in weight, poor packaging, missing and/or labeling, and if possible return the product the same day if it does not meet your quality standards.

All raw material that is subject to return to the BELLCHEM facilities will be accepted as long as it is previously accepted and has: the same conditions in which it was delivered, the same packaging, label, texture, color and smell of the original product; In addition, it must not present cross contamination. In case of requesting a credit note, they will only be prepared and sent to the client after the product arrives at the BELLCHEM INTERNACIONAL facilities.