After the pandemic and the confinements, the consumption habits of Colombians changed, particularly in what has to do with their health and personal care.

“With the massification of remote work schemes and hybrid models, which persist to a large extent even today, people have more time at home, which has allowed them to develop a greater knowledge and sensitivity towards their own care”, indicated Sergio Garavito, Prosalon Portfolio Manager.

For example, a study carried out by Kantar in Colombia showed that 75% of housewives now prefer to apply hair dyes at home, in addition to buying and applying them themselves or with the help of an acquaintance.

Regarding the purchase of these hair products, 85% prefer to purchase dyes outside of beauty salons. While 15% of households stated that they stopped dyeing in the last year.

“There has been a trend to replace beauty salons to perform treatments at home. In a certain way, this is a consumer who is more concerned about their personal care and physical appearance, who, consequently, values ​​the well-being of the products on their body, the quality of the ingredients and the sustainability of the processes behind them. each reference,” Garavito said.

In addition, he assured that, from the Prosalon experience, there have been increases in the sales of hair straightening, dyes and treatments, in the case of hair care; and masks, scrubs, vitamins and hyaluronic acids, in the case of skin care.

The change in consumption patterns is also evident in perfumes, a segment in which 38% of those surveyed by Kantar say they have changed their habits.